BACO has long been recognized as a worldwide leading manufacturer of Industrial Pilot Devices, Rotary Cam Switches and Disconnect Switches. BACO’s pushbuttons have modern ergonomic design with many innovative features. BACO’s cam switches offer a customizable solution to your multi-position switch needs. BACO’s disconnect switches are compact and feature reversible terminals for front or rear mounting.



The BACO commitment

BACO has made a commitment to its customers to offer technical solutions perfectly meeting their expectations, while also providing them with specific sales support and assistance actions. BACO facilitates the daily work of its products’ users in the field and considers every customer a priority partner.




The BACO quality requirement

BACO products have a 10-year guarantee and are exceptionally reliable, which is why they are ideal for integration into systems that do not tolerate any failure (military, aeronautical, space exploration, medical research equipment, etc.). Moreover BACO product ranges offer ingenious and reliable solutions that are fast to implement.


The 10-year guarantee

It is not enough just to talk about “quality”. We need to demonstrate this quality by specific commitments. That’s why BACO is now providing a 10-year guarantee on all new purchased products. We will apply this 10-year guarantee on all our products starting from September 1, 2005. This guarantee strengthens the assurance of having a solid and committed brand by your side. With BACO, you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

The BACO Company was created in Strasbourg, France, in 1919. It has put itself into a strong position in international control and signalling markets during all these years. Our products are renowned throughout the world for their quality and reliability. By offering its customers a 10-year guarantee, BACO is more than ever confirming this leading role. Local contact and commitment are supported by our partner networks on all five continents.

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